ArtbytheArtist.com is a juried fine art website for artists. All fine art showcased by ArtbytheArtist.com is selected through a jury. If you would like to submit your artwork to ArtbytheArtist.com. Please view http://artbytheartist.com/artist-submit-here/ for more information.

Our concept is simple: offer archival, investment quality original art reproductions on fine art paper and canvas at affordable prices. We do not sell to distributors or galleries. By eliminating these entities we can pass those savings directly to the consumer.

Galleries and Publishers can only display a few select artists. Their overhead is huge and their profit is even larger, offering the artist a very small “piece of the pie”. If an artist is represented by a gallery or publisher they are typically paid 8% to 12% of the wholesale price of a print. They bank on the premise that “more is better” and you literally have to surf through thousands of amateur quality art that artists have uploaded themselves.

We do not and will not produce large “limited” edition runs. ArtbytheArtist.com produces very small print runs. You will never see a limited edition run of more than 300 signed & numbered prints. In fact the majority of our editions are far less. Our “Majestic” edition is limited to only 10 total prints. These tend to sell out quickly and are true investments. We want to bring limited editions back to being “limited” This creates a secondary market after the art is sold out and supply and demand will force the artwork to increase in value, making it a collectible commodity.

We want artists to make a living selling their art. ArtbytheArtist.com pays the artist 40% of the proceeds from all art sales. ArtbytheArtist.com also takes a 40% commission. The remaining 20% covers the cost of printing. ArtbytheArtist.com picks up the cost to scan the original artwork, color correct it, and ship it directly to the buyer on behalf of the artist FREE of charge.

Our images are NOT uploaded by the artist. All images are judged by a jury of professionals which have to unanimously accept the image before it is offered for sale on ArtbytheArtist.com

When you buy art from our website, you are truly purchasing ART BY THE ARTIST without going through a publisher or gallery.